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Patshull Park Wedding Photography – Charlotte and Paul

At last I am getting around to posting a really lovely wedding we covered at the end of August. Charlotte and Paul were introduced to me by Paul’s brother Mark as I had done a family session for Mark with his wife Sandra and their two lads.

It was so obvious that this was a couple very much in love and Denise and I looked forward to their wedding day as one of the highlights of our wedding coverage this year. We were not disappointed.

The day started with some shots at home with the two vintage VW’s; an open topped Beetle and a split screen camper van. Charlotte looked radiant and made a good job of hiding her nerves as she set off for St Giles Church in Willenhall. The ceremony was lovely and I have to mention the couple’s little boys, Alfie and Archie, who looke fantastic in their special outfits for the day.

Staffordshire wedding photographer-1.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-3.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-5.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-6.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-7.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-8.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-9.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-10.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-11.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-12.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-13.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-14.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-15.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-16.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-17.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-18.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-19.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-2.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-20.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-21.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-22.jpgStaffordshire wedding photographer-23.jpg

Patshull Park as usual did not disappoint and showed why it is the first choice of so many couples each year. After some shots with the cars, a dove release had been arranged which was performed on the jetty. Always a slightly tense moment as you never know which direction they are going to take and there is only one chance!

The afternoon seemed to whizz by and soon it was time for the speeches. Denise and I agreed that the atmosphere throughout the day had been superb – relaxed, happy and a pleasure for us to be working. The speeches continued in that vein. They were heartwarming, funny and emotional. Paul had even set his to rhyme which added to it even more, and Charlotte also got to her feet.

Our part of the proceedings were over but we both agreed that the whole wedding day had a beautiful atmosphere that we would remember for a long time. As for Charlotte and Paul, I have a feeling that their marriage is going to be long and very happy.

Patshull Park wedding photographer-1.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-10.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-11.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-12.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-13.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-14.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-15.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-16.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-17.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-18.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-19.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-2.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-20.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-21.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-22.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-23.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-24.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-25.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-26.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-27.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-28.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-29.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-3.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-30.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-4.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-5.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-6.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-7.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-8.jpgPatshull Park wedding photographer-9.jpg

Madeley Court Wedding Photography – Lisa and Neil

It’s been a little while since I last posted, but things have been a bit hectic, with several weddings completed as well as lots of stuff in the studio.

I recently had the priviledge of doing wedding photography for Lisa and Neil. Their wedding ceremony took place at the historic and delightful St Bartholomews Church in Tong, Shropshire. St Bartholomews dates from 1409 in it’s current form and has been rated one of the top 1,000 churches in England (out of 15,000) by the Times. Is was also for many years reputed to be the site of the grave of Little Nell, a character in Charles Dickens book ‘The Old Curiosity Shop’. Dickens’s mother worked for a time at the nearby Tong Castle. It was subsequently found that the grave was a fabrication by a verger in the early 1900’s. The church still attracts visitors from all over the world.

St Bartholemews wedding photography-1.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-10.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-11.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-2.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-3.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-4.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-5.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-6.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-7.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-8.jpgSt Bartholemews wedding photography-9.jpg

Having got to know Lisa and Neil in the run up to the wedding, I was really looking forward to being able to share and contribute to their big day. Everything went like clockwork at the church and it was then on to the Reception venue, the lovely Madeley Court Hotel near Telford. This 16th century manor house provides lots of great wedding photography opportunities and is a delight to work with.

As usual, the time just raced past. There was a great atmosphere and lots of laughter. I am sure Lisa and Neil have a great future together.

Madeley Court wedding photography-1.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-10.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-2.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-3.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-4.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-5.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-6.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-7.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-8.jpgMadeley Court wedding photography-9.jpg