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Steam Locomotive Photography - Family Portrait Photographer - Paul Jones

Steam Locomotive Photography

I love photographing people – all shapes and sizes, babies, families or pets. Sometimes though I just look at a picture of something else and it just captivates me.

That’s the case with the image below. It was taken recently as two vintage steam locomotives (Black 5’s for afficonados) pulled a special train as it passed through Rugeley in Staffordshire. I wish I could say that this image is one of mine but it was taken by my son, Christopher, who was home from university for the weekend.

I love the combination of modern gantrywork holding the overhead cables for modern electric mainline loco’s, partly shrouded by the billowing steam. I love the way the light¬† is filtered through the steam, and the impression of raw power.

So, not all great images are of people, but I guess I knew that already.

black fives trent valley

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